Washington Post Article about the Florida State Recess Bill

Locally:  We could ensure all children have recess in Lake County with a simple policy change.  There is time in the day, it is about priorities.  We need to prioritize the needs of children above the needs of adults.  I would vote YES on a solid recess policy.

I have been working on getting recess for all of Lake County students for years.  I have been fortunate to work on this with a fantastic group of enthusiastic parents, grandparents, educators and citizens at Lake County Healthy Schools Face Book Page.  Last year, our local work to get recess resulted in a Superintendent Directive of 60 minutes of recess every week for elementary aged kids.  While this has helped institute recess in some schools, other schools with resistant principals still do not allow recess.  Also, children in the ‘testing grades’, which is 3rd through 5th, (8 year olds) often do not get recess.  Every single child in Lake County deserves recess just as much as my own child.  We worked very hard at a local level before bringing this to a state level.

State-wide:  This year I teamed up with a group of parents across our state.  I personally convinced several senators and representatives to sign onto this bill.  I traveled to Tallahassee four times this legislative session to lobby for this bill and spent countless hours working behind the scenes.  This bill passed the house 112-2 but was blocked in the senate by one stubborn senator.  If passed next year, this bill will ensure that children will be entitled to recess, and teachers be able to use it as a scheduled part of the day. Recess isn’t just ‘child’s play’ it is the work of childhood, because it is when children learn critical life skills.


Here is a blog post about Kristi and the “Recess Moms” from a group that advocates for recess in Oakland.


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