The Budget


How do we cut the budget and direct money toward the classroom:

In Lake County there is too much money at the top.

  1. Start with the Strategic Finance Plan. Cut and reorganize the priorities this could easily gain several million dollars.
  2. Go through the budget line by line.  This has not happened since 2008.
  3. If necessary, commission an operational audit and ensure that the audit occurs.  The buck stops at the school board.  If an audit is necessary then it is well within the rights of the board to see it through.
  4. Give the county auditor full access to operations.  This has been blocked in the past.  We need a strong board which is willing to ensure that the auditor has full access.
  5. Increase transparency with the budget.  The board has asked and still has not been told the percent of money that goes into the classroom.  This is unacceptable.

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