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  1. Bureaucratic Waste:  Lake County Schools uses a lot of your taxpayer money at the district level.  Education happens in our schools with quality teachers that have the funding they need to run a classroom.  How can we cut at the top so we can redirect these critical funds to the schools and classrooms?  Click here to learn more.
  2. We CAN cut common core tests:  I have worked for over 2 years on this issue with local and state leaders.  We, in Lake, can have a say in how the state dictates how the children in OUR community are educated with common core.  Meanwhile, we can stand up to the state.  We can work with our local legislators and other state legislators to create coalitions that help bring down these bad standards and the high-stakes tests, which are tied together at the hip.  Kristi is not against a high quality non-high stakes test being given to evaluate children.  We can not keep doing the same thing, doubling down on tests, and expect to have different educational results.  Learn more here.
  3. Bring back recess!  Kristi has been fighting for recess for all of Lake County’s children for 2 years.  We have been given 60 min a week of recess, this is not enforced and it is not adequate.  She will continue to push locally and state wide for 20 min each day for elementary recess.  Learn more here.
  4. A well-rounded education:  Our children need a proper education.  If you are about 35+ you received this education.  Despite what some ‘spin-doctors’ will say an incomplete education is not a better education and this is proven by the research.  A well rounded education includes civics, elementary science, the arts, vocational studies, and electives.  Not excessive test-prep.  Click here to learn more.