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  • Every child in public elementary school in FL now gets 20 minutes of daily recess.
  • STEAM/Art & Music
  • New Superintendent & District reorganization: Money went to teacher salaries; art & music.
  • Fiscally-responsible & necessary cuts to stabilize the district budget.
  • New High School Academies including Leesburg High Construction Academy and Lake Minneola Financial Academy
  • Advanced academic programs like AICE, AP, and Dual-enrollment
  • Less common core tests: This is still a work in progress but change is coming.
  • Your generous Safety tax dollars:
    • School counselors and mental health professionals
    • Nurses and safety officers in every school.
    • PASS-in school suspension with a teacher at each school
    • Lake Success Academy: Expelled children can now go here and get back on track
  • We are working to ensure all children read, write, think, and talk deeply about their studies, be they Civics or Math.
  • All schools now have character development programs which cuts down on bullying.