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  1. Efficient Government:  As part of the Lake County School Board we oversee a huge taxpayer budget of over 710 million tax payer dollars.  We work hard to cut inefficiencies, provide for students with equity in mind, and work to provide the best education that we can.  I was very proud to be a Lake County School Board member when our staff, administration, and teachers were able to turn around from in person teaching to full distance-learning.  This included a massive roll-out of over 37,000 chrome books for children in Lake County.
  2. We take care of our community:  Schools work hand in hand with our communities.  We have all learned how important our schools are to out children, parents, teachers, community, and economy.  Education creates futures for children.
  3. Vocational Education:  We have worked with the lobbyists who were hired by the school district soon after I was elected.  This was a priority for me.  The lobbyist team has brought millions of dollars into Lake County for the creation of vocational programs.  Specifically we have created the Leesburg High School Construction academy which has moved from making picnic tables their first year to building homes with Habitat for Humanity this year.  In just 3 years we were able to create a Construction Academy, which sustains itself through the funding generated by state certifications that the children earn as part of their program.
  4. A well-rounded education:  Four years ago, I felt adamant that our children needed to be provided with a well rounded education.  I’m proud to say we have made real progress in this direction in the last 4 years.  I a certain our children are receiving civics, science, they are reading writing thinking and talking every day, our kids get civics and still not enough science.  They are reading deeply about social studies topics such as the Vietnam War, because my son studied it this year.  I know we have art/STEAM and music in all schools.  We have vocational programs that we were only dreaming of which will allow our kids to get good paying jobs right out of high school.
  5. The Future of Lake County Schools is to be our community’s school of Choice.  We are still turning this school system around.  School cultures are healing and communities are coming together around our schools.  In fact we are blessed in Lake to have incredibly giving businesses and individuals.  Together we will continue to develop a thriving school at each school with children who are deeply engaged with their learning.  We are ready to bring lake county schools into the future.